We work closely with Marketer Technologies as part of their core design team. Marketer sets the bar when it comes to automated target marketing technology. We have worked with them for years doing brand building, app design, webdesign, content creation and social media campaigns.
Marketer Technologies
Our role
Design team
Example project from Marketer Technologies
This is an example of the type of work we dow with Marketer. We have produced a large number of these projects over the last few years.

Marketer starts the process by mapping out the target groups together with the real estate client. Once the target groups are set we get a brief and start working together with Marketer on the design side.

Here we had 4 main target groups with a wide spread of age and interest. We created a wide variety of custom ads that redirected to uniquely tailored landing pages.
The ads generated are spread across 200+ different networks to hit the desired target groups

The ads are connected to a series of personalised websites for the project. These are all websites for the same project, but with custom tailored design to fit the target group highlighting different selling points that might be of importance to the different target groups.