Photos by Mikal Murstad Strøm
The worlds lightest open source wooden chair?

We worked with MAWRA to with the logo design and business design. We have created a logo that consists of the name of the company and the name of the designer and the arabic letter 'M'.

Mawra is a Norwegian evening wear couture brand founded in 2018 by Mawra Mahmood. She is a self-taught designer who tailors her own designs. Her overall objective is creating evening wear that are covering yet ravishing and elegant. Embodying everything from sleek and elegant to beading as far as the eye can see.
Our role
Design team, Art Direction
Photos by Mikal Murstad Strøm
Each type of visual aid has pros and cons that must be evaluated to ensure it will be beneficial to the overall presentation. Before incorporating visual aids into speeches, the speaker should understand that if used incorrectly, the visual will not be an aid, but a distraction.