Through grassroots efforts, promotion of science and active involvement with policymakers, The Association for Safer Drug Policies, works to change today's harmful drug policies.

We worked with Foreningen Tryggere Ruspolitikk to develop concepts for two conferences organised in 2017 and in 2018. For both conferences we created the visual profiles aligned with the profile of FTR. We were responsible for designing digital and print content as well as preparing the conference spaces with the prepared materials.

Both conferences focused mostly on harm reduction, prevention and help. That is why our work was mostly focused on highlighting the 'human-politics' connection. That is why we decided to use quotes connected to the topic and work with Pernille Sandberg on the portrait series.
Foreningen Tryggere Ruspolitikk
Our role
Design team
Profile, website, logo and business card design
Photo: Pernille Sandberg